Thursday, 6 December 2012

Eva Mendes Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Eva Mendes has captivated the attention of many people with her talent and beauty.  There are reports that first, she didn't want plastic surgery but then some others saying that she would, when time comes. So, many of her fans wonder if she has or not any plastic surgery enhancement.

In 2007 there were reports that, talking about plastic surgery, she commented: "No, not for me. That's a brutal operation. Very invasive. I'm really into the subconscious, you know? "I wonder if they can hear the doctors talking about you when you lie there. Because you're out, but you're still alive. "I'd want to be plugged into my iPod or something." This from, unfortunately we couldn't find the whole interview, but they mention something about her weight gain going to her breasts, so we concluded that she was referring to breast implants, which is indeed an invasive procedure.

A year later, in an interview for Star Magazine she said: “When the time comes, I’m going to nip it and tuck it all,” it could be that she actually changed her mind about plastic surgery, or that she was just talking about some specific procedure before.

Looking at her pictures we don't see any signs of some major plastic surgery, but at the premiere of "The Other Guys", she appeared to have what looks like "botox eyebrows", this high-arched eyebrows are not her usual look comparing to previous pictures and it may be the result of botox injected to her forehead. Anyhow, she looks as gorgeous as ever, botox is not permanent and this was earlier this year, so probably she is all back to normal.

Hot and sexy actress Eva Mendes is beautiful! But did she have a nosejob?
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Eva Mendes Rhinoplasty – nose job

Actress Eva Mendes believes in advance planning, apparently. Looking ahead to a time when her body loses its youthful appeal, she says she'll eventually need plastic surgery.

Her lips look fuller and her face also different from before, making some of her fans to think that she even got cheek implants. The effect is subtle and very natural, she just looks so much better than before, it could be the result of better make up or some miracle cream that we still don't know. Good for her and her natural look.