Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Enrique Iglesias Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injection

Enrique Iglesias nevus removal

It is well known that singer Enrique Iglesias started his career with a nevus very characteristic on his face, but he waited couple of years in the public eye before removing it, besides this it looks that he don't have any other plastic surgery procedure.

Usually this kind of nevus is not malignant, that's why for example insurance companies sometimes don't pay for their removal, but for cosmetic reasons, the face is the place where they are removed most of the times.

Now we can see Enrique from all the angles, and his face is now days so popular that it is even taken as a model for people who want to have similar nose, cheeks, etc.

It is a usual thought that once a man does what a woman naturally does is considered as an activity of a homosexual. This is another misconception for everyone. Man is like a woman that has a need. Among these includes the need for self-esteem. Man has own image to be protected and taken care. However, not all men are vain enough to do things which are normally done to women. A good example for this is the celebrity plastic surgery. Surgical procedure like this is very common to women, but this procedure is the same with other operations in which both genders can be subjected for it. But for the case of Enrique Iglesias, being old is not an issue.

Enrique Iglesias is very popular because of his Latin feature that is tempting for the ladies. He is too hot to handle especially when you see his sexy videos were there are sexy scenes and oftentimes shows his Machete type body. He is very irresistible and adorable. But have you ever wonder, why is it that he looks hotter as he grows older? Maybe he is a product of celebrity plastic surgery. This can be true but maybe he just had natural ways on how he maintained his hot appearance.

There are rumors that Enrique Iglesias have been into Botox Injection that provides him a smooth skin compared to the usual skin based on his age. Though there are issues that he occasionally involves himself to other unhealthy activities but this provides him a younger looks. The celebrity plastic surgery is not just entitled for women. Recently, men are engaging themselves for having their nips and tucks enhances in order for them to keep their existing employment or eventually can look for a better jobs.

As a matter of fact, based on the current census of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it was found out that the male plastic surgery helps the promotion of cosmetic surgery procedures that are being performed in the United States alone. This does not only pertains to cases of Botox and other injectable operations but it includes other aesthetic procedure such as facelifts and even liposuctions.

Recently, Enrique Iglesias have been gone for a few months. The reasons behind it are unreported but some critics believed that he was admitted due to problems related to his health condition. Other believes that he needs to rest because he undergone a series of celebrity plastic surgery which is very important for the recovery period. Men like him are more concerned with their privacy compare to women, and most probably, male clients are more worried of taking a leave from work than of the women. Men are prone to excessive bleeding compare to women, and this increase the risk for having hematoma (a condition wherein the blood stays outside the blood vessel and may produce a clot). The gender variations may modify the type of procedure and change the extent of the operation as well. A male client has a beard that will also increase the risk for sideburns may affect the incision placement. Some differences concerning the healing process are also considered for male clients.

In his latest exposure in front of the camera, the audiences have noticed that his mole on the face is gone. Probably, Enrique Iglesias had his mole extraction to make his face more enticing for the ladies as well as to attract more fans. Some says that it is a part of the marketing strategy to give back the light that he used to have during the early 2000’s.

There is a low chance that Enrique Iglesias had a celebrity plastic surgery on his face because as a man, he have to sports shorter hair which can be difficult for him to hide the scars if in case that he had his face lift. Since there is a deviation in terms of anatomical position of the body to male and female. The plastic surgery for male may differ in some ways than to female. In terms of physical attributes, men’s muscle is a lot thicker, the skin texture is coarser and the structure of the face is different from women. Men also differ to women in terms of manifesting signs of aging. With this, the exact place where a man is being introduced with a soft tissue filler is different from those female who undergone the same procedure. Facial scars are difficult to cover among men clients due to the limitations of hairstyle and makeup that can be used compare to female clients.