Saturday, 22 December 2012

Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Nose Job

Actress Haylie Duff maybe don't have all the success that her sister Hilary has yet, but after so many rumors of plastic surgery she could be preparing herself to become a better known face in the celebrity world.  She has been rumored to have had a lot of facial work, including a nose job and chin reduction, and more recently breast implants, and looking to her pictures we can't avoid to see the difference on her look.

In some cases, the changes on some features are very subtle and it is not easy to say if somebody got something done or not, but in Haylie's case, her facial features were so particular that it is hard not to see the change.  Her nose and chin, went from being the dominant features of her face, to be more proportional with the rest of the face, we think that the surgeon did a good job maintaining everything proportional and not too small.

Her breast before didn't catch our attention, but looking at these pictures it was probably the first thing that we saw, even when she is completely covered, her breasts look very projected and there is a considerable change on her size, we would like to see some pictures were she shows more cleavage so we could see if she shows some other signs of breast implants.

Despite Plastic Surgery, Haylie Duff Is Still The More Unsavory Of The Duff Sisters
Haylie Duff debuts her new plastic surgery as sheheads to a gym for a workout in Toluca Lake. Haylie looked a lot morelike her younger sibling Hilary Duff when she debuted a new blonde ‘do,pert nose and small chin recently

Haylie Duff debuts her new plastic surgery as she heads to a gym for a workout in Toluca Lake.

Haylie looks a lot more like sister Hilary with her new blonde hairdo, chiseled nose and chin.

Haylie Duff Nose Job: Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery

Haylie Duff‘s nose job – real or not? Haylie Duff’s plastic surgery – real or not? Has Haylie Duff had a nose job? Has Haylie Duff had plastic surgery? I do not know, it is hard to tell from the picture above.

The rumors of Haylie Duff’s nose job and the rumors of Haylie Duff’s plastic surgery have been out there for a while, but they do not often reflect what actually happened. Her nose does appear to look different. Could it be just a slightly different angel or a different source of light that made it look that way?

Her chin also seems to be different. But again, it is hard to tell if it has been modified in any way. I think we need more pictures from different angles to understand if she has had any work done on her chin or nose.