Thursday, 15 November 2012

Diana Ross Plastic Surgery Before and After Face Lift

Many wonder if legendary singer Diana Ross got any plastic surgery procedure, specially while announcing her last tour and we gave a look to some of her pictures to compare them and give our opinion on it.

Comparing pictures from the beginning of her career and now we don't see major changes on her facial features, so we don't think that she got a procedure like a rhinoplasty or facial implants or fillers, procedures very common between celebrities.  She could be using some non invasive procedures such as botox injections to help her to keep wrinkles aside, but if that is the case she is doing it very carefully not to over done them.

Some rumours go on to say that she got from a face lift to eye surgery (blepharoplasty), that because it is hard to believe that the neck and face of a more than 60 years old woman can be free of sagging skin or bags under her eyes, but about plastic surgery she said in an interview in 2003:  "My kids would be really upset if I did anything like that, and I've seen so many pretty girls mess themselves up, and you can't turn things around..." And we need to give her the benefit of doubt because we couldn't find a moment (in the pictures) that we could say that she was having any of those and then disappeared, it could be that she actually got really got genes to start with and keeps herself in a healthy life style.