Thursday, 29 November 2012

Emma Watson Before and After Plastic Surgery Nose Job

No, she didn't, or at least that's what we think about actress Emma Watson plastic surgery rumors, she is a beautiful young lady but we don't see any major change comparing her pictures with previous ones...

The most popular plastic surgery procedures between young celebrities are nose jobs and breast implants.  On Emma's case, her face looks the same than before, she obviously grow up, and with that her features become more defined, but we don't see any signs of rhinoplasty.  And about breast augmentation, we don't think that should be subject of discussion, we don't think she got implants, she is growing up naturally as far as we see, at least for now...
Emma Watson Before And After plastic surgery
This is a site that lists various celebrities and their suspected and known plastic surgeries. I did my very own post on her nose last year. I do question if make-up and lighting could be the reason. Click this link to check it out.
From June 16 2012, "Emma Watson is latest among stars being gossiped for their unspoken love for plastic surgery. 21-year old Emma Watson is busy promoting her upcoming film, My Week with Marilyn, and giving interviews on this and that, including her thoughts on plastic surgery. Emma revealed in an interview with Elle magazine, “that she does have insecurities about her appearance, but she isn’t a fan of plastic surgery!” If we follow the changes in facial bones and nose as natural, nasal tip cartilages appear completely normal but small tweaking will definitely refine her already glamorous appearance. The star denies any alternation in her nose but if we carefully look at recent pictures of her, we will notice the changes, which are too stiff to be natural.