Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Faith Hill Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Singer Faith Hill looks really good at her 40's and even when she admitted to have many wrinkles and expression lines, she wants to stay away from plastic surgery and to enjoy a healthy life style.

Some of the photoshop made for her cover on RedBook magazine in 2007 made a lot of controversy, but we think that it was just that, photoshop, we think that she is aging gracefully and that she is a "natural beauty".

“Oh, my gosh, I have a lot of wrinkles. It’s mostly laugh lines, but it is what it is. And sometimes I see a young beautiful girl and I think, ‘Ouch!’ I can’t say never, but I’m kind of a naturalist" she said before.

But she wants to stay natural and healthy: "I'm not saying I don't look in the mirror and say, 'That line wasn't there yesterday... but I try not to focus on that. Taking better care of myself has helped a lot -- there's this quiet confidence that comes with it... As I get older, I'm learning much more about how to better take care of myself and the things that do and don't work for me." 

Since we don't keep up with the country music world too often, we had begun to forget about Faith Hill (aside from the rare moment when she steps out without makeup). But we were definitely pleasantly surprised to see her during a news conference yesterday looking absolutely stunning.

Faith joined husband Tim McGraw in Las Vegas to announce their "Soul2Soul" performances wearing a short black dress. The 44-year-old singer showed off her amazing figure in the sequined mini and stilettos -- not such a bad way to create some buzz for her upcoming concerts.

We can't help but think that the country superstar has basically frozen herself in time since 1999. And even though she's not a major fashion risk-taker, we think there's something to be said for looking this good in an LBD. Check out the photos from the event and tell us what you think.

Pictured here is one of Country music’s hottest leading ladies.  A woman so beautiful, few would ever imagine she would need any type of cosmetic surgery. But in a side-by-side photo, it’s our guess that something’s happened.

We know she just got braces on her teeth, but that doesn’t explain the higher-than-before arched eyebrows and distinctive cheek bones. Hey, she could just really be skinny right now, but you tell us.

Take a look at the picture comparison of Faith Hill and cast your vote.  Was there a nip-n-tuck involved, a shot of Botox or just a case of bad lighting?